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Why Choose All Paws To Board Your Pup?

At All Paws Retreat, we have invested in custom rooms & dens that are spacious, but ultimately safe and clean for our members. There is no chain-link anywhere inside our facility as it is terribly hard to clean and can be harmful to dogs. All rooms & dens are made with FRP and tempered glass. You'll notice stainless steel bars on the top of the kennels that are strictly for airflow. The color of the kennel was chosen as it is recommended by Fear Free Pets to reduce stress and anxiety. Kennels also face away from each other to reduce anxiety.  

All Boarding members participate in Daycare, so they must pass a temperament test before they are allowed to board with us.  This is to ensure our members are living a balanced life while they are staying with us. They will only retreat to their dens & rooms after all daycare kids have been picked up, around 7:30 to 8:30pm. We will be back in the morning around 6:00am to let them out and chow down on their breakfast. 

We have two den sizes and one room size for now. Our Medium Dens are 4x4 stacked units and our Large Dens are 4x5 with lots of head space. Our Large Rooms vary from 7X5 & 7X4. Space is limited, so be sure to book your boarding in advance of your trip!

We offer lots of discounts including, multi-dog, lodging together, and extended stay. 


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