Why Us?

We are a dog facility that cares about each and every fur-kid who walks through our doors. We get to know them inside and out and we get to know you too! This video really encompasses who we are and what we are about. Enjoy!

Why All Paws Retreat?


Paws First Policy

 We vow to put your fur-babies first and foremost. All Paws Retreat has adopted a mentality that everything we do is to ensure a happier and healthier experience for all friends with paws.  

We understand each dog is unique and has different needs. Along with physical play, we will incorporate a variety of enrichment activities to stimulate your dog mentally and emotionally. 


All About the Paw-rents

 Our mission is to make every interaction with you and your furry friend as easy and convenient as possible. At All Paws Retreat, you will have full access to pet profiles, VIP check-in access, webcams, photos, and more! 


Safe, Clean & Eco-Friendly

Our facility incorporates industry best practices to ensure we offer the safest and cleanest environment for your furry friend. We've invested in our kennels, flooring, cleaning machine, air purification & more. We've selected the best, because you and your friend deserve the best.

Our facility is powered by solar panels and we have a no waste policy for poop! We recycle all of the pet waste through Green Scoop.