Training @ All Paws Retreat

All Paws Retreat offers balanced training options for all types of fur-kids. Choose from group training, one-on-one, board and trains, or even train while they're here to play. 

Meet the Trainer

Alexia Barillas


Head Trainer 

Alexia's wide variety of experience made her a great candidate for our lead trainer role. She has a Bachelor's in Animal Sciences, and came to us after working the night shifts at OSU's animal ICU. Alexia is a CCPDT Certified dog trainer. She has three years of training experience as positive reinforcement trainer at Petco. She has pursued education and training experience in balanced training this past year. On her off days, you'll find her hanging out with her fur-baby, Scraps! During the week, she works in the daycare and training our Paws the Play pups. 

Kelly byers



Kelly has spent the last 15 years learning about animal behavior by being a kennel attendant, dog sitting and walking, and becoming a trainer. Kelly is a special education teacher and even got to teach in Alaska for a few years. She has a passion for training and believes in treat reinforcement training. Kelly leads our Group Training as well as our Private Lessons. 

Success Stories



Snoop was rescued by PetPromise when he was just 6-weeks old. When we was about 6-months old, his foster could no longer offer him what he needed. He was toy possessive, food possessive, leash reactive, no good at social interactions and didn’t know his name. Alexia and Snoop worked their tails off, and two months later, this is how far he has come! He knows his name, sit, down, come and stay! He is able to redirect his focus when a dog or something squirrelly walks by. He has shared treats (with caution) and has been around pups playing with toys he isn’t. Last but not least, he is starting to play politely with friends! He still has a long journey a head of him, but he has come so far, and we are soooo very proud of him! 



Poor Jake has terrible anxiety when being left alone. He destroyed numerous crates, household items and even his unborn siblings things. Mom and Dad were about to have their first child and needed help, fast, before the baby came. Jake stayed with us for over a little over a week. He transition to e-collar training and worked on crate anxiety. Months later, Jake has gained confidence in himself and is able to sleep in a crate overnight.  He and his new sibling are happily enjoy life at home together! 



Walter is one of our residences. He stays with us very frequently and loves to be in daycare with all of his friends. Walter started to develop overconfidence and some dominance-like issues, which resulted in him sitting out of play. Walter participated in a week long training session and transition to an e-collar. He is now able to participate in daycare safely. He is much happier and healthy than he was when he couldn't hangout with his friends.