Our Promise To You


All Paws Retreat exists to help fur-babies live life to their fullest. We understand that each pup has their individual needs. Our goal is to go above and beyond for each and every pup. That’s why we have adopted a Paws First Policy. We vow to put the best interest of every dog before our own. We will make sure each doggos is safe, comfortable, and most importantly, having fun! Going above and beyond for our pups and their families will not be an extra expense, but a standard and an expectation for all customers who come through our doors.  

All Paws Retreat will provide all fun-loving fur-babies with a safe place to play during the day and a home away from home when the paw-rents are out of town. We want to become your extended family. A helping hand when you need it the most. A place for your dog to call a second home. All Paws will make sure your pup is living life to its fullest, and we will take you along for the ride, every step of the way.