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First Day Checklist


Prior to your first visit, your fur-baby must join us for an Introduction Day - and it's FREE! Here are a few things you should know prior to your first day. 

1. Make Sure Your Fur-baby Is Qualified To Attend

 While we would love to have dogs of all ages, we are unable to accept pups less than 4-months old. This is to ensure all babies have had their full set of shots to protect them and the pack from infectious diseases. All attendees over the age of 6-months must be spayed or neutered. 

All pups must be both human and dog friendly to join in on the fun. 

2. Ask Your Vet For Updated Records

 To participate in our services, pups must be up to date on all  their shots including DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Lepto, Parvo, & Parainfluenza), Bordetella and Rabies. As of May 1st, we also require the Canine Influenza vaccination. Please upload your vet records to your profile or bring them with you on your introductory day.

3. Create A Profile & Book Your First Day

 You can create your pup's profile online by clicking the "member portal" page on our website menu, selecting the "sign-up" button below or by giving us a call during our hours of operations. We will ask you basic information about you and your dog. Allow 10 minutes or so complete.  

Once your profile is created, select "Schedule Services", then "Request A Reservation". Select "Book first day here" as the reservation type. Choose the pup you'd like to schedule it for, (you can do multiple pets at one time), and select the day/time you'd like to come in. Once you've reviewed the reservation, click "Save", and you are all set!


4. Come Ready to Play!

Make sure your pup is feeling happy and healthy

Please make sure your furry friend is happy and healthy on his/her introductory day; Flea and tick free and no open wounds. The last thing we want to do is put your pup in a new environment when they are not feeling their best.  

Dress to impress 

A quick release collar with a name tag is required for daycare. Pups must be on a leash when entering and exiting the facility.

5. Carve Out An Extra 15 Minutes At Drop-off

 We want to make sure you get your questions answered and that we take our time getting to know our new member. Be prepared to tell us all about your favorite family member!  

Additional Information To Keep In Mind


Introduction Day attendees must stay on-site for no less than 3 hours. Pups will be put through a series of behavioral tests in order for us to understand the needs of each individual dog. 

Remember - Each dog has different needs. Not all dogs are comfortable in a large play setting. Our job is to find out what your dog's needs are and make sure we cater our services to meet them. 

If your pup is not happy at daycare, it is our duty to let you know immediately, so you can make arrangements to come pick him/her up as soon as you are able to.

Introduction Day Drop Off is between 7:00 am and 10:00 am. Feel free to let your pup stay all day - on us.


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