Meet the Team

Casie Goldstein


Owner | Manager

Casie has always had a dream to work with animals. After sitting at her corporate job and wondering if there was more to life, she began the journey to make All Paws Retreat a reality. Two years later, we opened our doors to our first customers in January, 2019. Her passion for puppy sitting and fostering has now turned into a place where dogs can go to play, be spoiled, and enjoy life to it's fullest in a safe environment. She is overly joyed to be surrounded by her All Paws Retreat family!

Tara Bilbrey


 Manager | Trainer | Nutrition Coach

 Tara is one of the most outgoing, kind people & has an undeniable love for animals.  She knew she would work with animals when she was just 12 years old, going door-to-door asking neighbors if she could walk their pets. Tara has worked every job there is in the pet industry including, vet assistant, kennel tech and manager, doggie daycare attendant, pet supply specials, trainer and more. Tara is excited to work for a company that will allow her to grow and put her passion to good use. 

Whitney Tillman




Whitney is one of the most amazing people you will meet. She is kind, caring, and hard working! She will take care of you and your pup too!

Whitney has been in the grooming industry for 15 years. Because of her experience, she has learned a lot about temperaments and coat textures. She is skilled in clipper work and scissor work. Perhaps her best quality - she is able to take what you as a pet parent wants and what the pet actually needs and turn that into a great haircut every pup would love to strut down the street with!

Kelly Byers



Kelly has spent the last 15 years learning about animal behavior by being a kennel attendant, dog sitting and walking, and becoming a trainer. Kelly is a special education teacher and even got to teach in Alaska for a few years. She has a passion for training and believes in treat reinforcement training. Kelly leads our Group Training as well as our Private Lessons. 

Stephanie Jones


PawCare Attendant

Stephanie is born and raised in Alaska. If you see her in the winter without a jacket, now you know why! Stephanie has a love for her family and has been a stay at home mom 6-months prior to joining All Paws Retreat. Stephanie has an extensive background in the pet care industry, most notably her time spent at PetPeople. She has a wealth of knowledge in pet supplies and pet food that she would be happy to share. 

Megan Adams


 PawCare Attendant  

Megan is just a southern girl with a passion for poetry and animals. Her dream is to become a veterinarian and one day own a clinic. She is starting her journey here at All Paws Retreat. Megan believes caring for your adorable fur-babies everyday is an honor.

Taylor VanSickle


PawCare Attendant

Taylor has a true love for the pups that walk through our doors. You can see how much she cares when she's on the daycare floor snuggling with each and every one of the dogs that day. Taylor is passionate about creative writing and drawing. She loves All Paws because she gets to hang out with sweet puppy faces all day!

Aaminah White


 PawCare Attendant

Aaminah is in school striving to become a veterinarian assistant. She enjoys working at All Paws Retreat, because she loves to be surrounded by sweet puppy faces, parents who care about their babies and an amazing team. If you see a awesome picture of your pup, Aaminah probably took the picture!

Storm & Trooper


 Chief Office Pups

Storm and Trooper love to greet every guest at the door when their mom lets them. They throughly enjoy squeaking balls at people, asking for pets, and being spoiled! Storm and Trooper are great temperament test dogs and can help socialize your pup if necessary.

A Poem From Megan

May it brighten your day as it did mine.

Puppies and puddles, licks and hugs

They arrive with so much love

A smile on their faces

A twinkle in their eyes

They're just so cute

No need to ask why!