Why Provide your dog enrichment?


Different Types of Stimulation

Dogs don't need just physical enrichment to be fulfilled. They also need mental and emotional stimulation. Puzzle work, games, smells at the park, arts and crafts, etc. allow dogs to use their minds. Twenty minutes of mental stimulation makes pups just as tired as they would be if they went for a mile walk! It's just a different kind of tired. 


Relieve Boredom

Pups can be destructive when they are left to their own devices - especially if they are bored. A physically tired dog can still lay down and chew on your furniture. It's important to stimulate their mind and frozen treats, puzzle feeders, snuffle mats, etc. all help with mental exhaustion. You'll see a big difference in your dog if you implement mental and physical enrichment into their daily routine.  


Build Trust With Your Pup

There is nothing better than a happy content dog that looks at your like you are their whole world. When you fulfill their needs mentally, emotionally, and physically, you are building a relationship with your fur-baby that cannot be broken. 

Enrichment Services